Bike & Ski Shop


Bike & Ski Shop

The SOLE Bike & Ski Workshop offers self-service workstations for bicycles, skis and snowboards. The goal of the workshop is to educate the UCCS community on basic maintenance and repair. The use of the workshop is FREE with all basic tuning equipment provided. SOLE staff assistance is available at no cost during regular operational hours to assist with all basic maintenance and repairs. The Bike & Ski workshop is located in the SOLE Center inside the UCCS Gallogly Recreation & Wellness Center.

SOLE staff are happy to assist you with the following general maintenance needs:

Bike and Ski Shop

  • Maintenance Services (Drop Off)

    • Basic Bike Tune (Safety Check, brake adjustment, shifting adjustment, lubrication of all cables, torque check) – Students $20, UCCS Community $25, General Public $30
    • Standard Tune (Includes heavy clean and safety inspection, adjust front and rear brakes (install brake pads if needed), adjust front and rear derailleurs,true front and rear wheels, lube chain and cables, Installation of parts is extra (ie. tires, chain, etc.)  - Students $35, UCCS Community $40, Public $45
    • Wheel Truing (pending pre-check on severity) – Students $20, UCCS Community $25, Public $30
    • Tube or tire replacement*
    • Brakes*
    • Derailleurs
    • Cables and housings*
    • Hubs
    • Wheel trueing

    *Charges may apply for parts

    Parts Price
    Bike Tubes (All) $5
    U-Lock $22
    OnGuard 8012 Bulldog DT Ulock w/Cable $28
    Brake Pads (Alligator Brake Shoes) $6
    Avid Brake Pads $6
    Dura 2 Brake Pads $6
    WTB Rocket Comp Saddle $25
    Topeak Mini Morph Bike Pump $25
    Topeake Turbo Morph G $28
    Red Planet TDW Tail Light $10
    Planet Bike Eco Rack $25
    Topeak Modula Java Cage $10
    SKS Commuter 2 Fenders $22
    Bike Chains varies on length a type
    Bike Cassettes varies on type


    • Waxing
    • Ptexing (minor scratches)
    • Edging/deburring
    • Bindings (snowboards only)

    Wax Pass- Available for purchase with a variety options. Don't know how? Our experienced staff will walk you through the process to get your equipment ready for the slopes.

    • 1 Punch Pass- $3
    • 10 Punch Pass- $10 
    • 20 Punch Pass- $15

    Drop Off Wax and Tune- Don't have the time to wax or tune your own equipment? Let SOLE staff do it for you! We have a typical turn-a-round time of under 24 hours but pending on the quantity of drop-offs it may take up to 48 hours. 

    • $15 per ski set or individual snowboard 

Ski Wax and Tuning