Wellness Promotion


About Us

Wellness Promotion is the public health and outreach division of the Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center. Our program aims to foster a healthy environment to increase students’ success and well-being. We believe that all UCCS students have the right to make informed decisions about their health while at school and beyond, and help develop the skills to do so through outreach programs, discussions, and events. In addition, our educational focus promotes understanding of the factors that improve health both for individuals and communities, and supports those making health behavior changes.

Wellness Promotion is composed of professional staff and student volunteers. Together, they coordinate a number of inclusive and socially-aware cross-departmental events, workshops, presentations, and one-on-one conversations on a variety of topics, including: mental health, stress management, exercise and active living, body image, eating disorders, sleep, sexual health, nutrition, and fostering healthy relationships with yourself and others.


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