Registration Process


Registration Process


Entry Procedures

Individuals are encouraged to participate in all Intramural Sports Activities whether it is individually, with a partner, or on a team. Teams are generally formed by residence hall units, student organizations, hometown affiliations or most often simply by groups of friends.

If you want to play and don’t have a doubles partner or don’t have enough people to form a team, you can still get involved. The free agent program is in place for those who wish to compete. Register for your sport and select the free agent option and the staff will assist in forming your team with others looking to get involved.

The Intramural Sports Program exclusively uses the online-based, user friendly FusionIM software for registration, scheduling, and communication. All you need to start the registration process is your UCCS username and password. Visit to get started.

Sign Up for an Intramural Sport


Sport Pass

The cost to play any given intramural sport is $10 and you will be prompted to pay upon registration for each individual sport. Campus Recreation offers the ‘Sport Pass’ as an all-encompassing alternative option that gives you unlimited access to all sport offerings within the given season or semester. The Sport Pass is a one-time fee of $20. Purchase your sport pass on the fusion website or in person at the Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center.

$10 – play any one specific sport
$20 – play as many sports as you wish offered in the semester

Free Agent Program

If you don't have a team or partner and want to play all you need to do is open the FusionPlay app and register for the sport as a free agent player. Captains looking for more players will see your name and add you to their roster if it’s a good fit. We will either form a team from the Free Agent List or try to get you placed on an existing team. For team sports you should plan to attend the Captain’s Meetings for that sport. The Intramural Sports Program will do their best to accommodate all free agents, but signing up as a free agent does not necessarily mean placement on a team. Additional information is available at the Campus Recreation Office.