Officer Resources


Officer Resources

Club Sports Important Dates and Meetings 

Meeting/Event NameDateTimeLocation
Club FairJanuary 23rd11:00am - 2:00pm
Berger Hall
Club Association MeetingFebruary 7th7:30pm-9:00pmGroup Fitness 2
Club Association MeetingMarch 6th7:30pm-9:00pmGroup Fitness 2
Budget Packet PresentationMarch 18th - 20th7:30pm-9:00pmMountain Lion Meeting Room
Officer Transition TrainingApril 23rd - 24th7:30pm-9:00pmGroup Fitness 2
Club Sports BanquetApril 26th6:30pm-8:00pmBerger Hall
Club Spending DeadlineMay 3rdDue by 5:00pmEmail
End of Semester Reports DueMay 3rdDue by 11:59pmEmail

Administrative Forms

  • Annual Club Registration

    Existing Club Sport teams must fill out the Annual Club Registration to obtain approval for participation during the 2023-2024 year. Steps: Log into MLC, Click on "Organizations," Click on "Register an Organization," Type in your club's name and click "Re-Register."

    Online Registration

  • New Club Application

    Clubs interested in becoming a Club Sport should fill out the New Club Registration to start the process of becoming a part of the Club Sports Program.

    Online Application

  • Officer Update

    When your club decides to add or change officer positions, the Officer Update form needs to be completed. Every club sport is required to have a minimum of THREE officers, not including a Safety Officer.

    Online Form

  • End of Semester Report

    All clubs must complete and submit this form by turning into the Sports Desk or sending it to at the end of Fall and Springs Semester. The End of Semester Report is due the week before finals week each semester.

    Download .docx

Player Requirements

  • Player Registration

    The Player Registration form must be completed by each member joining a Club Sport prior to participating in a practice, game or event. The registration will cover 1 year of participation with the Club Sport beginning when the form is completed.

    View Details

  • Player Dues

    The Player Dues must be paid by each participating club member. All Dues payments must be completed using the online link by the date specified by your club. Failure to pay Club Sport Player Dues will result in removal from the team.

    View Details

  • Player Physical

    All Physicals must be completed on forms located in the link. Physical Examinations can be completed by appointment at the UCCS Wellness Center, Walk-In Clinic, or with a Primary Care Provider. Once completed, Physicals are valid for the participant's entire career within the Club Sports Program. All forms must be submitted to the UCCS Wellness Center Front Desk. 

    Download .pdf

  • NCAA Concussion Facts Sheet

    Players must read the NCAA Concussion Facts Sheet prior to submitting and agreeing to the Player Participation Waiver Concussion section.

    Download .pdf

Hosting Events

  • HOME Event Registration

    Any Club that is hosting a home event (game, tournament, competition, fundraising event, etc.) must complete this form no later than two (2) weeks in advance. All cancellations must be placed with 48 hours (or more) notice.

    Online Registration

  • HOME Cancellation Request

    To cancel any existing practice or game reservations please submit this form with at least 48 hours notice (games) and 24 hours notice (practices).

    Online Application

  • General Volunteer Form

    Any non member of a club that will be helping out or volunteering at a club event must first complete this form before being approved to participate.

    Online Form

  • Event Debrief Form

    After any event (home or travel), each club must fill out the Event Debrief form and submit it to Competitive Sports Desk no later than two (2) days after the event.

    Online Form

Travel Forms

  • Travel Plan

    Must be turned in as soon as you are aware of your travel schedule and no later than one month for trips that require accommodations and two weeks for trips that do not require accommodations. Depending on the nature of the trip a pre-trip meeting could be required for officers that will be traveling. This meeting will be with Club Sports staff to talk about the details and logistics of your trip.

    Online Form

  • Travel Roster

    The Travel Roster must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to travel departure and must be approved by the Club Sports program prior to departure. Only members who have completed all Club Requirements will be approved for travel.

    Online Form

  • Authorized Driver Registration

    Driver Authorization is required for Club Sport member who will be driving either a University Vehicle or personal vehicle during official club travel.

    Online Form

  • 12-15 Passenger Van Drivers Training Information
  • University Motor Pool/Charter Reservation

    University Vehicles and Charter Busses may be reserved through the following link. The Club Travel Plan must be approved PRIOR to reservation.

Financial Forms

  • Budgets

    View your Club Sports budget balance sheet of club expenses and revenues.

    View Details

  • Purchase Request

    Submit your request for all Club purchases and/or reimbursements here

    Online Form

  • SGA Funding Application

    Use the form on Mountain Lion Connect labeled "SGA Funding Proposal 2023-2024" to request funding for your student club/organization from the UCCS Student Government Association. Be prepared to provide detailed information.

    Go to MLC

  • Purchase Order Supplier Tutorial (Business under TIN)

    Potential suppliers must complete the supplier registration sent via email from The PDF Tutorial will assist suppliers in completing this process.

    Download .pdf

  • Refund

    Refunds may be granted on a case by case basis. Please email the Club Sports Program at to apply for a player dues refund.

  • Invoice Template

    Every request for payment must be accompanied by a detailed invoice of the services or goods your club is paying for. Please use the Invoice Template to help you achieve all of the necessary information to submit for payment.


  • Receipt Template

    A receipt must be provided to the payee for any money received. Please use the template as necessary. The treasurer must also retain a copy of the receipt for club records.


  • Fund 29 Dues Deposit

    Please print and complete the dues deposit form and include with the cash/check(s) during Club Sports Desk hour or the Club Sports Dropbox.

    View Form

Risk Management

  • Incident Report

    Every incident that takes place during a club practice/event/game needs to be documented and reported by filling out the online incident report form. Please use as much detail as possible.

    This form must be submitted to the Club Sports Office. 

    Download .pdf

  • Injury/Accident Report

    In the event that the Healthy Roster is unavailable, Club Officers must fill this Injury/Accident report anytime an injury occurs and must submit it to the Club Sport Office within 24 hours.

    Download .pdf

  • Emergency Action Plan

    This is the 2018 Campus Recreation Emergency Action Plan. Please review this document.

    Download .pdf

  • Safety Officer Application

    A minimum of two (2) Safety Officers are required for each club sports team. Immediately after filling out this form, you will need to send your certificate(s) to Each Club Sport Safety Officer must have valid CPR, AED, and First Aid certification card on file with Campus Recreation.

    Online Form


  • Intent to Secure Coach

    Must be filled out to be Club Sport Officers and approved by the Program Director or Coordinator of Sports and Youth Programs

    Online Form

  • Coach Agreement

    Must be filled out by Club Sport Coach. Every person serving in the Coach capacity for a Club Sport must fill out the online Coach Agreement form. No coaching duties should start until the Coach Agreement is completed. Officers may send the form link via email to their Coach(es)

    Online Form

  • Volunteer Coach Waiver

    Volunteer Coaches, please complete the UCCS Volunteer Waiver Form.

    Online Form

  • Paid Coach Waiver

    Coaches paid as Independent Contractors, please complete the Contractor Waiver Form

    Online Form

  • Background Check Release Form

Additional Templates and Resources

  • SGA Funding Guidelines

    Please use this document to help complete your club's SGA proposal submission. Contact if you would like additional help with your proposal. 

    Funding Guidelines

  • UCCS Brand Identity Standards

    Please refer to the UCCS Brand Identity website as well as the Club Sports Handbook prior to creating any media, logos, apparel designs, etc. Prior to all posting/printing designs must be approved by the Club Sports Office and Assistant Director of Business Operations. 

  • Tax Exempt Certificate

    Certificate of Exemption

    Download .pdf

  • Marketing Design Request

    Need help creating a design for your Club Sport? Email the Campus Recreation Recreation Marketing Team to get started on a design for your posters, logos, and t-shirts. The Marketing Team will take you through all the steps to ensure designs fall in line with the UCCS Brand Standards. 

    Email the Marketing Team

  • Class Excuse Application

    While the Club Sports Program cannot provide automatic excuse from class, we can create a letter in support of club sport competition that can be given to your Professor on behalf of Campus Recreation and your Club Sport activity. Fill out the online form and schedule to pick up your letter.

    Online Application