Group Sessions

Group Sessions

Group Sessions

In addition to individual, family, and couple’s psychotherapy sessions, the Wellness Center offers a number of group therapy sessions. For many, group therapy offers both effective treatment and the strength that comes from interacting with peers who understand and may share similar struggles. Most of our group sessions do not require students to be engaged in individual therapy, and can sometimes be the fastest route to getting the support you need. 

For questions about our groups, please review the FAQ at this bottom of the page or call the Wellness Center at 719-255-4444.

The list below are the new groups offered by the Wellness Center, Mental Health Services over the Spring 2021 semester. If you don't see the days and times of the group you are interested in and/or if you know you would like to attend a group, please log on to and send a secure message for the group you are interested in to cbailey (Chrissie Bailey). Once we receive your message, you will receive a reply message in your UCCS email inbox with answers to your questions and we can connect you with the clinicians to welcome you into your group. 


Surviving the Pandemic with DBT Skills Group
Support for Survivors Group
Mindfulness Group
Students of Color Group
LGBTQIA+ Support and Process Group
Eating Disorder Interpersonal Group
Couples Communication During our "New Normal" Group
Self-Acceptance Group
Positive Body Group
Grief and Loss Group
Test Anxiety Group
Ally Group
Cultivating Growth Through Connection
Changing Your Relationship with Substances Group
Beyond “Athlete” Group

Group FAQs

How much do groups cost?
Is group counseling as helpful as individual counseling?
How many people are in a typical group?
Do I have to tell all my deepest secrets, feelings, and fears to the group?
What if I don’t feel comfortable talking a lot in the group?
What if I want to talk more, but there are too many people?
What if a member of the group is my friend or classmate?
If I don’t like the group, can I get out of it?