Supportive People and Values


Supportive People and Values

Having healthy relationships, whether it is with friends, family, neighbors, mentors, or romantic partners, is a vital part of life. Having people to comfort and support you, enjoy good times with, and share your inner self can help you in your journey to creating happiness. Close relationships enrich your life and bring you joy!

It is important to have healthy relationships in your life because who you surround yourself with influences what activities you engage in, your perspectives and attitudes, and even your feelings toward yourself. Take some time to think about the people closest to you when using the resources on this page. Keep in mind that each relationship is likely to have a combination of healthy and unhealthy characteristics and that improving relationships takes work and patience. 

If you are worried that you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, you can schedule an appointment at the Wellness Center for confidential support, or visit the Office of Institutional Equity. If you are currently unsafe or in need of urgent assistance, call 911 or Campus Police at 719-255-3111.

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