Recognizing and Utilizing Strengths


Recognizing and Utilizing Strengths

Culturally, people often focus on areas they can improve. However, research shows that focusing on your strengths is likely to empower you and set you up better to reach your goals. Imagine if a star lineman on a football team spent more than half of the time improving on a weak throw. Of course, you can see the folly in a situation like that, but how much time do you spend focusing on what needs to be improved? Positive psychology shows that knowing and utilizing your strengths builds confidence, helps you navigate tough situations, and helps you reach your aspirations. For instance, if you know working in a team is just not your thing, seeking jobs in a field that has more individual work would play to your strengths. Vice versa, if you know that you excel in communication, choosing a career path that surrounds you with others would set you up for success. 

What are your strengths? Take this Strength ID Test to help you identify ways you are strong. Utilize these strengths in your daily life and help you work through difficult situations. 

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