Cooking Classes


Cooking Classes

Your safety is our priority. Cooking classes for the fall semester will be held virtually by request only.

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Teaching Kitchen cooking classes strive to make cooking accessible to everyone by providing hands-on experience and instruction to students. Classes center around meals that are nutritional, quick, easy, and affordable. We provide a variety of programs to accommodate varying interests, ages, and abilities. Ingredients are supplied through our partnership with the Office of Sustainability and funded through the UCCS Green Action Fund, to provide high quality, locally sourced and organic products when possible. Our Registered Dietitians will provide you with nutritional information, culinary techniques, and food sanitation guidelines. You will also have the opportunity to eat the dishes prepared during the class you attend. Recipe cards are provided and made available online. We can accommodate most food allergies and dietary restrictions with appropriate substitutions.

For UCCS affiliated groups only

Cost: $5
Capacity: 10 participants per class

No registrations at this time.