About Us

Nutrition services at the UCCS Wellness Center are here to provide nutrition education and medical nutrition therapy for the student community at an affordable price. The dietitians provide reliable and evidence based nutrition information to guide and empower students in achieving a balanced, food first, healthy approach to eating and a positive relationship with food. Students are able to access nutrition information in a variety of formats including individual sessions, workshops, educational visuals, and cooking demonstrations.

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Nutritional Counseling

Visits with a dietitian can assist you with:

  • General nutrition and wellness -Eating healthy on a budget
  • Shopping strategies
  • Properly fueling exercise and sports nutrition
  • Mindful eating -Building a healthy relationship with food
  • Supporting the local food movement and sustainable practices
  • Chronic diseases diet plans
  • Food allergies, insensitivities, and specialized dietary patterns

Hours vary by semester. Please call us at 719-255-4444 if you are interested in scheduling a time to meet with one of our dietitians.

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