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Private Events

Now Offering: Private cooking classes by request! Private classes are ideal for clubs, organizations, friend groups, roommates, and departmental appreciation events. It is a fun and inexpensive way connect with others and learn to make a meal together.

Private cooking classes are $5 per person and will include the following:

  • Flexibility: with your schedule to find a time that accommodates all participants
  • Ease: Pre-assembled to-go meal kits with all ingredients needed to make the designated meal for the class- that means no grocery shopping on your part! (Participants are responsible for picking up at the Recreation Center prior to class)
  • Accessible: All participants will be given a Microsoft Teams link to follow along in real time with dietitian and your friends
  • Informative: Classes will be conducted synchronously with a dietitian guiding you step by step. A copy of recipe(s) utilized during the class for future use
  • Cost Effective: for a small $5 fee participants will receive a meal kit and over 1 hour of dietitian instruction on how to create the meal.

In order to participate, students must sign a participation waiver and have access to a functional kitchen with common kitchen items (such as a sharp knife, cutting board, pot, pan, etc.) You will be notified of all necessary equipment ahead of the class.


To Schedule an Event:

Contact Katie Gordon at to schedule a private cooking class today!