Students, get your steps in this Walktober!

During the month of October, students have the opportunity to earn prizes.

Whether you are walking from your residence hall to the dining hall, exploring the campus trails or walking to class, you’ll earn points by reaching the daily challenge of 8,000 or 12,000 steps.

This challenge encourages students to take actions that focus on their entire person and support their overall wellness, including in areas such as academic excellence, mental health, social connectedness, community involvement and physical wellbeing.

By setting daily or weekly step goals, you will be setting healthy habits that encourage you to move more and may help you find positive ways to manage stress, create connection and try new things. Find a friend to help you stick to your goals. You don’t have to hike a fourteener to earn points – but if you do, there’s a SOLE trip to help.

Easy Ways to Earn Steps on Campus
Campus Recreation and Wellness Events + Programs
Local Trains
Outdoor Art Installations